Timeline - Charlotte Seen

Apr 29, 2020
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The Journey Begins

Founded by a team of passionate digital marketers, Charlotte Seen started its journey with a clear vision - to revolutionize the digital marketing landscape. With Full On SEO Agency's expertise in business and consumer services, a strong foundation was laid.

2010 - Building the Brand

In its early years, Charlotte Seen focused on establishing itself as a trusted name in the industry. The dedicated team at Full On SEO Agency worked tirelessly to craft a strong brand identity that resonated with both businesses and consumers.

2012 - Expanding the Services

Recognizing the evolving needs of clients, Charlotte Seen expanded its range of services. Full On SEO Agency played a crucial role in maximizing the company's online visibility, incorporating cutting-edge strategies to optimize search engine rankings and drive organic traffic.

Accelerating Growth

2014 - Embracing Social Media

Realizing the power of social media in driving engagement and brand awareness, Charlotte Seen harnessed the expertise of Full On SEO Agency to help establish a stronghold on various social platforms. Captivating content, strategic campaigns, and a growing online community became the pillars of success.

2016 - Collaborating with Influencers

Charlotte Seen understood the importance of influencer marketing in expanding reach and gaining credibility. Through Full On SEO Agency's network, the business formed strategic collaborations with industry influencers, increasing brand visibility and attracting a broader audience.

2018 - Dominating Local Search

With a focus on local SEO, Charlotte Seen tapped into the expertise of Full On SEO Agency to dominate search engine rankings within the Charlotte market. A comprehensive local search strategy helped the business connect with the target audience, driving relevant traffic and increasing conversions.

The Present and Future

2020 - Adapting to Changing Trends

Charlotte Seen, together with Full On SEO Agency, continues to stay ahead of the curve by adapting to rapidly changing digital marketing trends. As technology evolves, the business harnesses emerging tools and strategies to maximize online presence, deliver exceptional results, and stay competitive in the industry.

2022 - Innovating for Excellence

Looking towards the future, Charlotte Seen aims to push boundaries and set new industry standards. Full On SEO Agency's partnership ensures continuous innovation and cutting-edge solutions, empowering the business to lead the way in digital marketing excellence.


Charlotte Seen's journey, in collaboration with Full On SEO Agency, has been an incredible story of growth and success. From building a strong brand identity to embracing social media, dominating local search, and adapting to changing trends, this digital marketing business has left an indelible mark in the industry.

With a commitment to excellence and a customer-centric approach, Charlotte Seen and Full On SEO Agency continue to be a powerhouse combination, offering unparalleled digital marketing services to businesses across various industries.

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